FRP or Factory Reset Protection

In March 2015, Google introduced the Factory Reset Protection feature to protect Android smartphones from theft. This means that if an Android smartphone has been stolen, then the thief cannot use the smartphone even though he has done a hard reset or factory reset, because the cellphone will remain locked.

Many cellphone manufacturers have activated this new feature on their flagship cellphone in an effort to deter potential thieves with the following notes;

  • your cellphone is supported by Android 5.1 (Marshmallow) or newer
  • use a Google account on your cellphone.
  • set the screen lock (lockscreen).

in this article I will share the file to open the FRP because sometimes many forget to use what email is on their Android

before you download, you have to know what version of Android on your cellphone and must be able to enter the browser when on Android at the beginning of the introduction display.

some android phones have different bugs to enter the browser, for example on samsung j2 prime, use the talkback, enter the talkback settings and then look for ways to open a browser. after being able to open the browser we can download and install the file below

Download Google Account Manager :

Android 6 / Marshmallow
Android 7 / Nougat
Android 8 / Oreo

after selecting, downloading and installing please download and install the file below


open FRP BYPASS click 3 dot menu select login in browser, fill in the email and password after that press the back button, the phone will return to its original state.

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